Claudia Botero is an award-winning journalist who received a Peabody Award and ten Emmy Awards during her 26-year career. Her passion for storytelling helped empower and inform the Latino community in the U.S. for well over two decades. However, her lifelong dream to own a business that supported artisans from Latin America eventually led her in a new direction to open CB Designs in 2022.

Her husband Roberto’s 25 years of sales and business management experience coupled with Claudia’s passion for design helped build the foundation for CB Designs. Together with their young son, Claudia and Roberto traveled extensively through Mexico and Colombia to build partnerships with local artisans to bring high quality and uniquely hand-crafted bags to you.

Claudia’s hope is to provide economic security to these artisans and showcase their brilliant work in the array of products offered by CB Designs.

Thank you for supporting our mission.

Claudia Botero - CB Designs



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