"I love this bag! Not only is it super stylish with great colors, but it is a versatile work horse. On a recent trip to the snow, I loaded it with groceries for the weekend including several bottles of wine. The bag was quite heavy, but it never felt like it was too much for the bag to handle. I carried it across the driveway and up a flight of stairs with total confidence in its strength. And because of its super durable material, I was even able to set it down while unpacking knowing that it could withstand the wet snow. On that same note, because it could be set in the snow with no harm to the material, I used it as a carry-all for my jaunt to the hot tub. It performed like a champ keeping my towel and flip flops dry as I set it on a ‘table top’ of surrounding snow. I am looking forward to using this bag for many more adventures to come!"

Anne Ravizza





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